I had been in the Construction Management industry for most of my adult life, considered successful to the general public.  However, I didn’t feel fulfilled and certainly didn’t consider myself to be successful.  From a young age, I had a yearning for owning a breakfast and lunch restaurant.  Many people have hopes of making something their own, as I had.  My personal issue with moving forward with the plan for success was that I was an alcoholic.  Every day I thought of my future, but each tomorrow only the bottle remained.   I finally surrendered and put all my trust in God and quit drinking on November 1, 2012. 

Eight months later, God blessed my sobriety with a space for my vision of serving others.  A complete renovation at 18 Center Street had begun, along with my continued self-improvement and goal to further glorify God and all he has done for me.

Upon opening the door, the first thing I want people to notice is how welcoming the luncheonette is.  The second thing that most people likely cannot help but see is how spotlessly clean the restaurant is.  You can thank my Mom, June, for that.  Then after you’ve eaten, you will know what all my regular customers do, and keep coming back for…..that the food is absolutely delicious, each and every time. 

I am the main grill cook and I care deeply about the meals I am preparing.   Every egg is cracked to order and cooked perfectly.  I’ve been told by many that I make the absolute BEST eggs in Wallingford.  Our salads are also made to order and dressings are homemade and ever changing.  The burgers are half pound, fresh, hand formed in house.  The specials are unique and innovative, not what is left over.  Lunch items are offered with home fries, fruit cup or a freshly prepared side. 

Every day, I look out my front window directly down the lane to the Center Street Cemetery and envision the previous restaurant owners having had the same exact view, thinking of what the future holds…..or just what the weekend specials should be!

Please check out my website, www.centerstreetlunch.com, follow us on Facebook, or Instagram at #centerstreetlunch.   Better yet, stop in and allow me to show you why I consider Center Street Luncheonette a success.  God Bless and thanks for reading!

About Center Street Luncheonette

This is my success story, as told by me, Amy Brackett.   Success can be defined in so many ways; as the accomplishment of an aim, purpose or goal.  It can also be defined as a favorable or desired outcome.